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Provide the services of a samp script

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Provide the services of a samp script Empty Provide the services of a samp script

Mensagem por Cowboy Sab 19 Fev 2022 - 8:07

Good Afternoon, everyone.

I provide samp scripting services. I worked on several samp projects, usually Russian. The total experience in this field is about 5 years. I will provide more information of interest personally.

I have the following skills:

- Confident command of the pawn language at a high level;
- Layout of text draws with third-party pictures
- Working with Map Construction/Texture Studio
- Ability to work with Git version control technology and web services GitHub, GitLab, etc.
- Sufficient technical, theoretical knowledge in the field of SAMP game servers
- Ability to apply SQL in practice, as well as work with a database via remote access;
- I write optimized and legible code

I will consider all offers, both a separate order and cooperation. I demand from the customer only timely payment for the work done and loyal attitude.

Thanks for attention. Contacts are indicated in the signature

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