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RNPC - Recordfree NPCs | Control NPCs without recording | DEV

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Mensagem por Weslley_Script em Dom 9 Jun 2019 - 14:05

Time for another update! Here comes 0.3.4.
Again, this is mainly an update to make RNPC more user-friendly. There arent any big new features.


  • Added an update notifier (see below)

  • Added RNPC_CreateCustomBuild(type, name[]) to create npc-unspecific .rec files with a custom name

  • Added RNPC_CreateBuild_s(npcid, type, slot=0) to avoid build-slot collision crashes

  • Added OnRNPCPlaybackStopped(npcid) callback

  • RNPC_StopPlayback now performs a "clean" stop without any "running on the place"

  • Plugin restructuring, Buildmode should be slightly faster now and creates less file accesses

  • Seamless support for ZCMD (experimental)

  • Made RNPC_StartPlayback more stable and tolerant

  • Fixed RNPC_AddPause actually adding a pause twice as long as specified (you might need to double your pauses now for the update)

  • Greatly expanded the debug output (#define RNPC_DEBUG before including to activate)

  • Updated the integrated MapAndreas to 1.2

I think thats all. As said, the main intention of this update is to make life easier for guys using RNPC. The debug outputs might also help me debugging, so feel free to post them if you got some problem/bug.

The update notifier / RNPC statistics
On gamemode init the include now connects to my server and "asks" if theres a new version available. If there is, it will print a message to the log. I added this because in the past there were several minor updates, some so small that people didnt even notice theres an update. But these updates sometimes contain important fixes that people shouldnt miss.

Additionally, RNPC now sends an update to my server every 15 minutes, containing only the used RNPC version and the used port of the samp server. WHOA, I use RNPC for spying on servers? No, of course I dont. I am a fan of getting statistics out of everything, so Id also like to know a bit about the usage and version spreading of RNPC, thats all. The port and IP are hashed just to get an unique, anonymous identifier, so I can count how many RNPC servers are currently running. Im really not interested in building up a list of servers, or absue your port and version for some evil plan. Youre not revealing more information than you would by opening a website in your browser.
Anyways, this is just optional of course, and if you dont like it, you can use one of the two defines to limit or disable communications with my server, just define them before including for that:
#define RNPC_NO_VERSION_CHECK // Completely deactivates any kind of communication with my server
#define RNPC_NO_STATUPDATES // Still checks for updates, but dont send the 15-minute-updates to my server

This new function simply checks if the build slot youre trying to create is currently being played back. If it is, it will pick the next one, and return it. Writing to a currently played file can crash the NPC, but this way this cant happen. You dont need to change this now for every RNPC_CreateBuild in your script, if youre sure there wont be a collision you dont need to use it at all. But if you experience NPC crashes from time to time you might want to use this one. Anyways you CAN change it for every RNPC_CreateBuild if you like, theres nothing bad coming from this, except that you need to watch for the returned slot, so youre not playing back the wrong one:

pawn Code:
// Store the returned slot
new slot = RNPC_CreateBuild_s(npcid, PLAYER_RECORDING_TYPE_ONFOOT);
RNPC_AddMovement(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 10.0, 10.0, 10.0);
RNPC_StartBuildPlayback(npcid, slot); // That simple

Also, about the msvcp120d.dll error for the debug version: I think that one comes with Visual Studio 2013. I noticed youre not allowed to redistribute that file, so I cant upload it. I cant stop you from getting it somewhere else, youd need to put it in the server directory then, but be aware that dll files might contain a virus and stuff, so dont use untrusted sources.

Alright then, I hope you like this update and it doesnt cause too many new bugs RNPC - Recordfree NPCs | Control NPCs without recording | DEV Wink
Link is in the first post btw.

RNPC - Recordfree NPCs | Control NPCs without recording | DEV D07Xwqb
RNPC - Recordfree NPCs | Control NPCs without recording | DEV Yjab9HN

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